Thursday, May 16, 2013

Look into your closets

As the season changes many of us are putting our winter wear away and bringing out our lighter spring and summer clothes.  We in New England are slow to get to this chore as winter is leaving at a plodding pace.

Perhaps, that's what gave me pause while I considered my challenge to the group.  I noticed that most of my clothes' colors do not change much from season to season.  The depth of color, perhaps.  Dark oranges, rusts and reds of my sweaters may change to pink and salmon...but the basic color is consistent.

I wonder if you looked into your closet, if you would find split complementary, complementary, triad or, perhaps, tetrad.   Are you mono-chromatic?  Analogous? Acromatic?  Are you cool or warm in color temperature?  My guess is that we all have very definite 'comfort' colors that we rely on.  So go to your closet.  Study your color choices...decide what your personal harmonies are and create a piece using 'your' personal palette.

Digressing for a moment:  I have completed a series of six pieces from our last challenges.  I don't know whether there will be more in the future or not.
As some have asked to see them together, I will include a photograph here.


  1. Wow! It's really neat to see all six of these together. Each one so different and yet similar. Thanks so much. And my closet? Hmmmmmmm.....Mostly reds, blues, and purples. Interesting. What does that say about me, I wonder? Thanks for the thoughts. Have a super day!

  2. GREAT challenge theme, Diane! And how wonderful to see those six quilts together. I love them all, I think they should be displayed together!

  3. Great challenge. I see lots of black and brights in my closet.

  4. Your quilt series is wonderful and colorful and so much fun! Thanks for showing them all together.
    I'm afraid my next entry will be very dull ... black, black, black with a little rust and some green thrown in every once in a while. Yuk!

  5. I love all 6 wonderful job.
    Karin from

  6. These quilts are a treat, Diane. The challenge is a fun one- I can't wait to take a look at my clothes with this new frame of reference!

  7. When I look into my closet I think a crazy person must have picked out half of my clothes. There is no pattern or color going on in there. I do know that I happen to favor greens more than any other colors. I love the progress you have made on your challenge.

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